The Ten Worst Things You Can Do In A Negotiation



The best negotiator I knew always acted like an idiot. He acted so well that I thought he was really stupid. I also thought at the time that he was my best friend.

That was probably an act also. Just two years later he stopped talking to me forever.

I ran into him in the street the other day. He smiled and shook my hand. I felt warm, like he liked me again. Then he was gone.

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    Ugh, then there are those times when I feel dead inside. I wake up early and swing on the pre-school swingset like a pervert.

    The sun rises and instead of being orange and blue and beautiful it’s white and glaring and it’s a terrible terrible sunrise, burning everything inside of me.

    Another day.

    This is what happens to me when change is being born. At least for me: I’ve never avoided any of these steps.


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    The car started to skid and swerve and we couldn’t stop. It was all my fault.

    I had sped up while going into a sharp curve. I was just fooling around. The entire road was ice. My 12 year old kid was sitting next to me.

    Why did I do that? I don’t know. Because I’m an idiot sometimes. I hope all people are idiots sometimes so I don’t have to feel so bad but maybe it’s just me.

    When we couldn’t stop the car from skidding Mollie started screaming. We went into a snow drift and kept going.

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     The other day I went out at night and fell asleep on a park bench near the beach in Miami.

    When I opened my eyes I pretended I had just landed on the world. I knew nothing. Now I had to learn everything.

    That’s the way I should’ve been when I was younger. Maybe I would’ve avoided many problems if I just realized I knew nothing.

    ALL SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE started off knowing nothing.

    They studied the people who came before them. Who studied the people who came before them. And so on.

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    I had a tape recorder and I was trying to tape a phone conversation with US Senator Bill Bradley by having one phone off the hook in another room and having an old-fashioned tape recorder right next to it.

    I faked being sick that day. (“I threw up in my throat but swallowed it back down”) so my parents let me stay home. It was 1980 and I was 12 years old.

    Then I psycho-called Bill Bradley, the US Senator from New Jersey, formerly an NBA Hall of Fame basketball player, and much later a candidate for President.

    “He’s in a meeting,” the secretary always said. I said I was calling to interview him for a newspaper and that I would call back. So I called all day but they never put me through.

    Then around 2pm, Bill Bradley called. The first thing he said was, “Aren’t you supposed to be in school?”

    And I told him they had given us the day off. So I started the interview off by lying to Bill Bradley. Then we spoke for a half hour or so.

    I don’t really remember it although I’m sure one of my questions was the brilliant and insightful “Do you like being a senator?” My interview style still hasn’t changed much.

    I did a lot of interviews that year. I called people all day long every day. I’m grateful to all the people who took the time to call a 12 year old with a tape recorder.