It’s OK If You Don’t

(Choose Yourself vs Freaknonomics author Stephen Dubner)


I feel inadequate. And there’s not much I can do about it. Or even want to do about it. I actually like the feeling.

I had a lunch today with a guy who worked in the mailroom at Hannah-Barbera which made all my cartoon favorites from the 70s: The Flintstones, Scooby-Doo, The Jetsons, and so on.

He used to pitch ideas every day to Joe Barbera. “I was working in the mailroom but I kept coming up with ideas for cartoons. I would send them up to Joe Barbera and I had no idea if he would like them or not. Then eventually he pulled me over and I started helping on all the scripts.”

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    In 2005, I had a business going down the drain (my biggest customer went out of business) and I had no other source of income. I couldn’t believe how scared I was.

    I don’t know why: but I became obsessed with “The Force” in Star Wars. I bought all sorts of books like “The Tao of Star Wars”. I decided to use The Force to save my business. To try and remain calm and to focus on each day doing my best rather than panicking about the future.

  • The Ten Worst Things You Can Do In A Negotiation
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    The best negotiator I knew always acted like an idiot. He acted so well that I thought he was really stupid. I also thought at the time that he was my best friend.

    That was probably an act also. Just two years later he stopped talking to me forever.

    I ran into him in the street the other day. He smiled and shook my hand. I felt warm, like he liked me again. Then he was gone.

    Negotiation is first about warmth. Two sides deciding if they want to be friends with each other. If they want to be in the same tribe, fighting side by side in this harsh world.

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    Ugh, then there are those times when I feel dead inside. I wake up early and swing on the pre-school swingset like a pervert.

    The sun rises and instead of being orange and blue and beautiful it’s white and glaring and it’s a terrible terrible sunrise, burning everything inside of me.

    Another day.

    This is what happens to me when change is being born. At least for me: I’ve never avoided any of these steps.


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    The car started to skid and swerve and we couldn’t stop. It was all my fault.

    I had sped up while going into a sharp curve. I was just fooling around. The entire road was ice. My 12 year old kid was sitting next to me.

    Why did I do that? I don’t know. Because I’m an idiot sometimes. I hope all people are idiots sometimes so I don’t have to feel so bad but maybe it’s just me.

    When we couldn’t stop the car from skidding Mollie started screaming. We went into a snow drift and kept going.