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  • What I want for myself in 2011
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    New Year’s Resolutions are often sad (they are often about what we hope for but can never get) and are often lies. I don’t want to lie to myself this year. So this year: practical, easy to do, resolutions in several important areas of life.

    Emotional: I’ve had some bleeding the past few years. I’ve bled all over the place. I’ll bleed more in this blog. So there’s a couple of things I’d like to improve this year:

  • The one reason Apple will be the first trillion dollar market cap company
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    Apple is the dream company we always wished for when we were children. The messiah of companies that we never thought would come to Earth in our lifetimes. When I was a kid the only thing I wanted in life was an Apple II+ . When I finally got one (my dad took one from his work and gave it to me for about six months) I did everything a young boy does with his computer. I programmed (in BASIC) the computer to type my name over and over again. I then went to the local computer store and shoplifted Ultima III. My friends and I then copied each others games so we had a whole set of games to play with. I then skipped school incessantly in order to play games all day, my friends and all calling each other throughout the day (we all skipped school every day) in order to share the latest secrets we found while hacking our way through Castle Wolfenstein.

  • My New Year’s Resolution in 1995
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    I was never good with New Year’s Resolutions. Every year I wanted things to change so drastically from the prior year that I couldn’t even imagine what resolutions would be required in order to make that dangerous and irrevocable leap. New Year’s Eve 1994 I was completely lost and frustrated with jobs, relationships, family. One girl had broken up with me long distance after three years of swearing love every day to each other, another job (HBO) was close to firing me because I hadn’t done anything there yet, and I owed some $70,000 for my education.

  • How to Turn Your 12 Year Old Into an Entrepreneur
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    One of the most pleasurable days of my life was when my kids picked out items they wanted to sell, put price tags on them, painted signs that they then copied at a copy store and then hung up all over town, and then bargained, negotiated, and made deals left and right until the front of our lawn was empty of all the items they wanted to sell.

    Every kid needs entrepreneurial experience. The feeling that you create something powerful enough that people pay money for it. Its exhilarating and inspires growth in so many ways. But its not about reading, or studying, or being smart, or even providing a good role model. The only way your kid will be an entrepreneur is if he or she starts TODAY.

  • Breakdancing and Mastery of the Universe
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    I wanted to learn how to breakdance so I paid some kid $15 to teach me out of my hard-earned newspaper route money. I saw him in the street, spinning on a piece of linoleum. He had three friends with him, all of them were good at their own particular style of breakdancing. One kid was good doing the backspins, windmills, and headspins. Another kid was good at doing all the above floor stuff: like popping, etc. Another kid was good at waving. Like his body was made out of rubber.  I had lost a contact lens and was afraid to tell my parents they needed to spring for a new pair. So for the entire summer, way back in the mid 80s, I practiced breakdancing every day and I could only see out of one eye. Maybe the best summer of my life. Certainly the most embarrassing when I now think back on it.