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  • 21 Unusual Ways my Wife Survived Her Financial Crisis
    Posted by on January 26th, 2011 at 8:54 pm, Comments: 0

    [This is a guest post Claudia wrote on how she survived the financial crisis. I think there’s a common thread among “survivors” of a deep financial crisis and thats an ability to transform and change the way you think, the way you deal with stress, and your views on what the meaning of success and freedom are].

    As I followed my boss through the hallway I thought of what could she possibly have to talk to me in such a rush after I had been away for five weeks in Thailand for yoga teacher training.

  • I’m Guilty of Torturing Women
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    I used to torture her on almost a daily basis. It was almost to the point where I can’t forgive myself. I remember one sorry anguished moment where she was crying and begging me to stop but I couldn’t because I’m an addict. Sometimes torturers can’t help it. Whether its nature or nurture they feel the need to keep going at it.

  • How to get 85,000,000 pageviews even if you are ugly
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    In 7th grade, when we were learning how to square dance, I heard one girl say to another girl whose turn it was to dance with me, “just don’t touch him and you will be ok.” For the rest of that week I pretended to be sick so I could stay home. ‘Square Dancing Week’ was over by the time I got back to school. It didn’t matter. Square dancing wasn’t an important skill to learn in suburban New Jersey.

  • I’m Completely Humiliated by Yoga
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    I woke up yesterday to the sounds of a woman throwing up for fifteen straight minutes. It might’ve been the woman who lives next door. Vomiting seems to come with the territory in India. And vomiting is not one consistent sound. If someone says to you, “I just heard a note from a piano”, you’d have to ask, “was it a C sharp? Was it from the high end of the piano or the deep end? Was it loud, soft, long, staccato? For fifteen minutes this woman played for me a complete symphony. The deepest recesses of her throat were the most beautiful instruments I had ever heard.

  • Thoughts on Turning 43 Today
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    When I turned 40 I was in a state of panic. I had been reading “the Summer of 49” by David Halberstam about the 1949 Yankees.

    In the book he comments about how the Yankees team was going to have problems because of its aging players. For instance, “Dimaggio’s body was breaking down.” You would think Dimaggio was 90 years old. He was 34. So I put that book down and opened up Chess Life Magazine.