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  • 25 Unusual Methods for Making a Trillion Dollars
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    I hate self-help books. And any books or articles or “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”  (or “Power of Now”) stuff that don’t really speak from experience and don’t really give you specific steps towards achievement. When you have a gun to your head, with two kids, a mortgage, and your entire self-esteem at risk, you need PRACTICAL methods for moving forward. And you need them from someone who can speak from experience and say, “this works.”

  • 10 Confessions
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    I just got this email via Facebook from Taylor Northcutt:

    “I hop that your foolesh feels relizes that peapl in indea are dieing
    in indea just to go to collige and you have the odasity to tell the
    world its a horribil thing . Ill bet that both your douters well think
    your a complet ass hole when they get older. You making the Us look
    like a ovly confedent jackass of a country. Pray that i dont find you
    becase i well kill you with no mercecy then devour your body. I shal
    never messege you agean Nor shal i reply….we speak no more.”

  • How to be THE LUCKIEST GUY ON THE PLANET in 4 Easy Steps
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    [The book “Choose Yourself!” also gives a version of the “Simple Daily Practice” and also what to do in a crisi]

    I told my dad, “I’m a lucky guy.” He said, “But are you lucky in love?” I was six years old. Love was the most disgusting thing in the world to me. What the hell was he talking about? Love was living in another neighborhood at that time. Or another planet. It would be years before Love stuck its ugly little nose into my house and said, “hello, anyone here?

  • 10 Unusual Things I Didn’t Know About Steve Jobs
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    I was standing right next to Steve Jobs in 1989 and it was the closest thing I ever felt to being gay. The guy was incredibly wealthy, good looking enough to get any girl, a nerd super-rockstar who had just convinced my school to buy a bunch of NeXT machines (which, btw, were in fact the best machines to program on at the time) and I just wanted to be him. I wanted to be him ever since I had the Apple II+ as a kid. Ever since I shoplifted Ultima II, Castle Wolfenstein, and half a dozen other games that my friends and I would then rip from each other and pretend to be sick so we could stay home and play all day.

  • My Blind Date gone Bad
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    I had an idea and I knew some people were going to be hurt by it. But first I called my friend, Amy, to see if she liked the idea and wanted to participate. She was in. Then I called Michel, for video, and Adrian, for audio, and we needed Francois. For security. Just in case things got a little crazy.

    The idea was this. Amy would put an ad in the Village Voice. “girl seeking date”, etc. Then guys would respond to the ad and she’d pick the most interesting ones and she’d also pick the restaurant they would meet at. Michel would wire up video all over the restaurant and Adrian would do the audio. We’d then videotape the date without the date knowing.