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How To Speed-Read Faster Than the Speed of Light

naomi klein

Unlike Naomi Klein, I am actually very good at not only judging a book by its cover but I can completely read a book from beginning to end just by looking at its cover. And you can too! I was in the bookstore today. Naturally I went over to the business section to see if […] Read On…

Two Outfits


[The following is a guest post from Claudia at The idea is to find an outfit that was very significant to you because of what happened when you wore it. Here’s her version.] [My note to her guest post: THE ALTUCHER CONFIDENTIDAL EXERCISE FOR TODAY: find an outfit that was significant to you. Photograph it […] Read On…

The Best Way to Make a Convincing Argument


Some guy, “agrover”, sent me a video this morning that trashed me. It looks like he put a lot of work into it. Maybe he figured I’d like Saturday morning cartoons so why not send me this cartoon he made about me. In the second sentence of the video the female bear refers to me […] Read On…