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  • How to Negotiate in Three Easy Lessons
    Posted by on November 22nd, 2011 at 11:14 am, Comments: 0

    When I was reading Walter Isaacson’s biography on Steve Jobs it suddenly brought back memories of the FBI repeatedly hitting the buzzer for my apartment rather forcefully ten years ago. Isaacson mentions that Steve Jobs and Dr. Larry Brilliant were best friends. Flashback to ten years ago, Larry Brilliant calls  the FBI and tells them I might know something about where Osama Bin Laden keeps his money. True story.

    The next thing I know, someone is ringing my buzzer, “The police! We need to come up.” Then when we let them in (after I briefly considered running down the back staircase) they flashed their badges “FBI”. They said, “we had to say “police” because we didn’t want to scare anyone on the street by saying  ‘FBI’. “

  • When I Retire I Will…
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    I was about three years old and my dad scared the hell out of me. It was the first day of Yellow Duck nursery school. I had never been to school before. I vaguely remember being upset about it. Perhaps crying.

    My dad said, “first you’ll have two years of nursery school, then a year of kindergarten, then 12 years of regular school, then 4 years of college, maybe another 4 years of graduate school, then 40 years of work, then when you are old as grandpa you’ll be right back where you are now.”

    (and this is all one gets?)

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    Every week I do a Twitter Q&A from 3:30 – 4:30. What was fun about this one was that I did it from San Francisco, immediately after meeting some friends at Twitter’s offices.

    @socialhotchocoPriscilla Wood Asks: How do you deal with perfection? Many times I feel I can’t execute ideas until I know it 100%.

    ANSWER: Perfectionism ONLY leads to eventual shame or regret. Nobody is perfect, and there’s always the chance of the unknown occurring in every work. Then, when the perfectionist loses control of an event, project, business, etc then what happens? Shame results. Shame with colleagues, friends, bosses, investors, and family.

  • 10 Things I Didn’t Learn in College
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    I’ve written before on 10 reasons Parents Should Not Send Their Kids to College and here is also Eight Alternatives to College but it’s occurred to me that the place where college has really hurt me the most was when it came to the real world, real life, how to make money, how to build a business, and then even how to survive when trying to build my business, sell it, and be happy afterwards.

    Here are the ten things that if I had learned them in college I probably would’ve saved/made millions of extra dollars, not wasted years of my life, and maybe would’ve even saved lives because I would’ve been so smart I would’ve been like an X-Man.

  • Being Unpredictable Will Free You
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    I just got this email from a friend of mine: “in Mexico… got grazed by a bullet that wound up infected, and then I got a hernia, and then I started to bleed internally…”

    There were more details: “drug cartels”… “corrupt cops”. I wrote him some questions to get more details. Assuming he’s still alive I hope he answers. He writes great books. He’s very unpredictable but I hope he doesn’t get himself killed.

    I like things in my life to be unpredictable. I like to know that things that didn’t seem possible suddenly become possible.