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  • Ask James: College, Confidence, Radical Honesty, Success After 50, Guilty Pleasures, and MORE!
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    CashN1n9 michael cash  asks: You said don’t go to college, may i know why???

    ANSWER: I’ve written many blog posts on this. And I’ve had at least seven death threats on this topic. Here’s one of my posts on the topic. Here’s one of the death threats.

    But I’ll try to summarize quickly:

    • –          Student loan debt is higher than ever. Tuitions have risen even higher than health care costs since I went to college. So why isn’t there a national discussion on this
  • The Purpose of Marriage
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    God damn you, Robert Sinn! Why did you have to ask a question in my every Thursday Twitter Q&A that turned into an entire blog post just by itself. And it was the very first question! You even asked it before the Q&A began. What is going on in your life you had to be in such a rush to ask that question?

    Robert (@StockSage1) asked: “What’s the purpose of marriage?”


  • My Minimalism Manifesto
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    Claudia and I spent the entire Thanksgiving on an airplane, going from San Francisco to New York. We avoided the entire holiday.

    (I don't even know how to carve one of these things up)

    Cooking, cleaning, getting together with relatives, all the small talk, all the hateful talk, all the gossipy talk, all the expenses. I hate that shit. Claudia slept almost the entire way. We got home by 11pm.

    For most of the prior two weeks I had been on the road. I didn’t miss home at all (although I missed my kids even if they seemed to easily survive two weeks without me).

  • Nine Unusual Ways to Get Yourself Off the Floor
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    What does it mean, “Your divorce was amicable.” ? When someone tells me that, I think: liar. How does that happen? And don’t think I don’t ask.

    I ask.

    “Was it just, you guys woke up and looked at each other and said, ‘ok, that’s it’ “and then it was all good after that? You just moved out and started having sex with other people?”

    “Well, no, but…”

    (I never thought J Lo and Marc A would get divorce)

  • Secrets of the Accidental Entrepreneur
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    [my guest post from techcrunch this weekend]

    I was in a meeting with Uri Geller. You know who he is. He’s the psychic that bends spoons. He’s been doing it since he was a kid. Marvel Comics even did an issue once where Uri Geller was helping out Daredevil. The cover has Daredevil wearing an extremely tight uniform where you could see the outline of his genitalia (putting it delicately for SOPA Nazis). Daredvil was swinging around punching people while Uri Geller (“the Most Shocking Guest Star of All” according to the cover) was melting tanks.