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Self-Publishing Your Own Book is the New Business Card


If you’ve just given someone your business card then you failed. If you have a business card you might be about to fail. Nobody cares what’s on it. I throw out all business cards.

I’ve written before about self-publishing but more than the “why” and “how” (although I add more info about this below than I previously have)  this post is why YOU NEED to self-publish if you are in business, a blogger, a writer, or in any profession (essentially all professions) where you want to stand out versus the competition. There is one window, right now, where you have the right combination of “easy to do”, “cheap”, and “nobody is doing it”. The key is the Era of Validation is over. Nobody needs to pick you. You pick yourself.

I Don’t Know Anything


I really messed up and I’m ashamed of it. A lot of people wrote articles saying bad things about me over the past two years. I’ve written about some of them here and I’ve given them too much attention. And some of them I’ve thankfully ignored.

Someone wrote an article a few weeks ago criticizing badly something I’ve said. In doing so he proceeded to have his fun in every way and then other commenters joined in.

So, who cares?

My problem is this: I responded. I went into the comments and I said “this” and “that” and tried to defend myself, etc.

The 10 Keys To Selling Anything

Someone I don’t know at all just wrote me with the worst selling technique of all time. He wrote, “I really need to talk to you. Can I have 20-30 minutes of your time?”

The answer is, “no”. Not that I think I’m so great. Or my time is so valuable. But his message sort of suggests that my time is worth zero. He is offering me nothing, even less of nothing since there’s opportunity cost to 20 to 30 minutes of time. I could be watching half an episode of “Mad Men”, for instanace.

Everything I Needed to Know I Learned in Fifth Grade

I knew the page number of every sex scene in Judy Blume’s book “Forever”. I was like an X-Man in the fifth grade and this was my mutant power. I knew the page numbers of sex scenes in all sorts of books: “Don’t Say Yes When You Want to Say No”, a pop psychology book at the time, was one of my favorites. “Candy” by Terry Southern, another quality sex book for me in fifth grade. “Boys and Girls Together” (by William Goldman), “Couples” (by Updike), “Looking for Mr. Goodbar”, “Wifey” (also by Judy Blume) and so on.

Yoga has Shamed Me

“Ok,” I said, “I’ll take 50 of these.” It was about $1 for the 50. On the back of the pills it clearly stated “FOR SALE ONLY WITH A PRESCRIPTION FROM A REGISTERED MEDICAL PRACTITIONER”.

I had no prescription. I had just gone to a random store. They sold cookies also. They sold me the 50 pills. Asked if I wanted more. They showed me prescription strength ibuprofen. I took 100. Another dollar.