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  • First Kiss
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    I wanted to kiss her but God wasn’t sending a message yet. I was too shy to kiss unless God sent some lightening down. A real sharp blast that would blow up the atmosphere.  Everyone would squeal. Birds would fly in awkward directions, smashing into light poles, or boats. She would move closer and I would put my tongue straight in her mouth. The world would never be the same. But God was leaving me alone on this one.

    (Claudia's book. I am the photographer).

  • The Google LoveRank, Failure, Will Facebook Fade, and What We Can Learn From Orphans
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    (Part II of my Twitter Q&A this week. I hope you like them. If you do, please “Facebook Like” so that I get a sense of the interest in this type of post. Here is Part 1. )

    The GOOGLE LOVE RANK (patent pending)

    @EdGallois: If you Syndicate original content google might get upset Or should one re-write? Google is no fan of duplicate content it seems…


    Google is MY BITCH! It’s a tool. I type in “Azaelia Banks” and I expect to get lyrics, music, videos, photos and, because Google is so great I also expect to find out if I’m spelling her name wrong and maybe even where she lives.

  • Ask James: Obsession, Narcissism, Nature versus Nurture, and the Best Goal in Life
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    Every Thursday from 3:30-4:30 EST I do a Q&A session on Twitter. If you like these types of posts please “Facebook Like” so I get a sense of the interest (or comment).  If you have any additional answers for the people, PLEASE answer them in the comments. I am sure they will appreciate. And if you have questions for me PLEASE join me in my next Q&A next week and follow me on Twitter. This post today is “Part ONE” of this week’s Q&A. Tomorrow will be Part II


  • Note to Facebook Shareholders: What to do After You Make a Zillion Dollars
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    In the dot-com boom I lost $15 million cash. Yes, I am an idiot. You know what happens when you lose that kind of cash? When you go to zero? You lose your libido. You don’t want to have sex ever again. And even Viagra won’t help.

    I lost my house. I lost my family. I lost all my fake friends. I was sick all the time. When I passed people on the street who were laughing I was definitely sure they were laughing at me. $15 million cash. One million a week in the summer of 2000. I could’ve saved lives with that money.Instead every night I would lie on the floor and try to mentally force my body to die. [See, “What It Feels Like to Be Rich“]

  • I’m Scarred
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    They lied to you about that fire part. There’s the “Great American Child Fire Myth”. Here’s how it goes although you’ve heard it. A child puts his hand on the stove for the first time and it hurts because it’s hot. And then he pulls it back and screams. And then HE NEVER DOES IT AGAIN.

    That’s a lie.

    (the Human Torch, drawn by the amazing Alex Ross)

    Of course he does it again. Many times. He keeps touching the stove until it cools down and it’s no longer hot. That’s what people do. We touch things. We hurt ourselves. We hurt others. Then we get used to it. So we do it more.