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  • My Summer Reading List
    Posted by on June 20th, 2012 at 7:51 am, Comments: 0

    I can’t write until I read. Probably because I’m so used to stealing and plagiarizing everyone I read from. When I first started writing heavily in my early 20s (non-stop unpublished novels) I would take off every afternoon from work and probably read a book a day. It’s almost fair to say this was the best time in my life. Hours shut away alone, reading every author of the last 100 years, and then spending the evening with friends and the mornings writing.

    (Marilyn Monroe was a big reader)
  • How to Treat Life Like An Experiment
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    Ugly men don’t get clicked on. I interviewed four prostitutes, drug dealers, criminals, potential dates (for me), and homeless kids every single week for three years.  I have written about this before but my job was to go out on Tuesday nights at 3 in the morning, find out who was roaming the city, for what purpose, and photograph them and interview them. I learned a useful skill: how to build a quick rapport within seconds with potentially violent criminals and their closest friends. On more than a few occasions we were chased and bottles were thrown at us.

  • I Didn’t Want to Be a Father
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    Next week I’m going to Iceland for a wedding. The sun will be up for 24 straight hours, which is considered an auspicious day to get married on. In a few months I’m taking a trip to Antarctica, the complete opposite side of the planet. I’m going there for business (who does business in Antarctica, one might ask, but I’ll do that post when I get back). But even when I go someplace on business it’s also for friendship. Else I wouldn’t go. I don’t like to travel. So to get me to move more than ten feet from my house takes effort.

  • Kissing Ruined My Life
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    Kissing probably ruined my life. At least for a good 20+ years. I was a late bloomer. Almost 19 for my first kiss. And in the dark, so nobody had to look at me. But, I guess like for most people, it totally changed my life. For the worse.

    I mean, it really sucked what happened afterwards. Like the times she then didn’t want to kiss me when I did. Or the times she was kissing someone else. Or the times I wanted to kiss someone else but couldn’t, or didn’t or shouldn’t, or shouldn’t have, and then guilt remorse apologies anger pain jealousy crying anguish. Maybe if I had cut my testicles off at the age of 18 I would’ve avoided that but who wants to do that?

  • Ask James: Biggest Fear, Scummiest Decision, Prenups, Shame, Trading, The President, And More!
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    [This is part of the expanded answers to my Twitter Q&A I do every Thursday from 330-430. I will have other answers in smaller blog posts. If you like these Twitter Q&A posts, please Facebook Like so I get a sense of how useful (or fun) they are. Thanks. And please provide additional answers for people in the comments. I am sure that will be appreciated.]


    Leon Benson ‏@LeonBenson2: What is your biggest fear? And what advice can you give to freelancers and business developers when it comes to forward progress