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  • Ask James: How to Get Over Heartache, The 5PM Diet, What Should You Do In Life, And More
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    Ali H. Baloch ‏@alihb12: I don’t know what to do in life and over what i am good. I lose interest in whatever i do after some time. can you help me find?


    Ali, It’s a horrible thing and I know how you feel. Not the feeling of “I don’t know what to do” but the feeling of “I feel bad that I don’t know what to do”.

  • How to Cure Post-Traumatic Societal Stress Syndrome
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    We all have a disfiguring, gross, disease that oozes emotional pus, destroys our sex drive, and cripples us in life. It started in 2000 with the dot-com bust. There was this infinitely glorious future promised us: of robots and networks and infinite productivity, even ever- increasing salaries and wealth, and the promise of infinite love from any part of the world that we sought it.

    (robots from “The Jetsons” to Battlestar Galactica)

    Then it went bust.

  • What Are You?
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    Are you a Republican? Are you gay? Or straight? Are you pro-choice? Are you anti-environmentalist? Are you a Buddhist? Or a Jew? And, if Jewish – are you Reform or Conservative? Or Reconstructionist? Are you a vegetarian for moral reasons? Do you smoke?

    Are you a writer? Or a lawyer? Or a businessman? Are you a failure? Are you a woman?

    Write down all the things you are. Use a pencil and not a pen. How big can you make the list? Are you a husband? A good father? A bad friend? Maybe you are lonely? Are you an artist?

  • Ask James: How to Change Careers, How to Disappoint, Do I Follow My Own Advice, Is the Market Rigged, and More
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    (I was frustrated, like this girl in “The Perfect Drug”, painting by Brian Horton)


    ALHolm ‏@holm__: can u pinpoint an event that changed you into the person you are today?


  • 5 Things I Learn From Gandhi
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    First, two small stories:

    #1: A woman walks with her son many miles and days to come to Gandhi. She is very worried about her son’s health because he is eating too much sugar. She comes to Gandhi and says, “please, sir, can you tell my son to stop eating sugar.”

    Gandhi looks at her and thinks for a bit and finally says, “ok, but not today. Bring him back in two weeks.”

    She’s disappointed and takes her son home. Two weeks later she makes the journey again and goes to Gandhi with her son.