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  • Ask James, Part II: How to Be a Millionaire, How To Be Ugly, How to Network, Back To School Reading List, and MORE!
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     [I can’t help it. I did this on my newsletter the other day. But enough people wrote me that they liked it  that I feel compelled to also put it here on my blog. Here it is. And join me for my twitter Q&A today. Follow me on Twitter. And if someone can tell me how I can consistently differentiate my newsletter from the blog, please tell me in the comments.]


    Greg R ‏@TheRakker: potential client that has shown interest in my product no longer returns my calls, should I drive to him and see what’s going on?

  • Ask James: 16 Trillion in Debt, Love What You Do, How to Make a Million Dollars, and More
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    [Note: this Ask James is divided into two parts. It was too big. The first part is in this post The second part will be sent out via my free email newsletter tomorrow.]


    Subtle Overlord ‏@subtle_overlord: Should I be worried about $16 trillion as a 23 y.o.? Will it ever be paid back?

    Answer: My poor baby. You are 23 years old and yet you are carrying a 16 trillion dollar weight on your shoulders. How come? Who has scared you? What are you afraid will happen?

  • Today You Started a Business
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    A friend of mine left his corporate job yesterday after 23 years of being trapped in the Matrix. I hate it because I’m envious of that moment. The day I left a corporate job to be on my own for the first time. Suddenly you go from managing a cubicle from the hours of 9 to 5 to having to manage ALL OF TIME AND SPACE. The holograph screens that altered the universe around you peel away to show you what the real world looks like. The extra colors and intensity that had been hidden from you behind tinted-black glass windows and fluorescent lights.

  • Competence and the Beatles Last Concert
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    On January 30, 1969 the Beatles hated each other, and they were sick of working on their album, “Let It Be” inside of their cramped studios. On a whim, they took all their equipment and moved it five floors up to the roof, in the middle of winter. Then they performed for about a half hour. They had last performed lived over two years earlier. It was their last “concert” together ever. They broke up shortly afterwards and never performed together again.

    (click image for the full video)

  • Ask James: How to Overcome Sadness, How to Invest in Yourself, the Social Network of 2020, How to Survive Betrayal
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    From an email I reeived: “I have an incredible sadness that often can be quite overwhelming in my life. Does that ever go away? I’m really scared it won’t. I’m not depressed, because generally I’m happy enough- its when the emotions are just overwhelming, the loneliness etc blah blah blah- the usual things that break us all apart.
    So, does it go away?”