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Six Things I Learned From Mick Jagger

My kids don’t know who the Rolling Stones are. They don’t care either. And why should they? Setting aside the common argument every generation makes with the generation after it (“our music is better than yours”) what can distinguish Mick Jagger from, say, Selena Gomez, who they admire? Or Adele? Or any of the other “musicians” that they could listen to all day long (after covering their ears if I play any music from the 60s, 70s, 80s, or 90s.)

Here’s what I get curious about:

How To Break Free From Prison

I was scared when I left the corporate job for the first time. I was even more scared when I was thrown out of graduate school and had to explain why to my parents.  When I was first separated and then divorced I was ashamed to tell people about it. When I lost all my money in just one summer and went totally broke and forced to sell my home I was so embarrassed that I even lied to people who asked why my home was being listed. I would say, “that must be a mistake”, even though I had to have signed a contract and everyone knew that. People would smirk.

How To Become An Idea Machine

Kelly Francis ‏@KellyFrancisLaw: How do you know when you’re thinking too big or aiming too high (if that’s even possible)?


In the mid-90s I had an idea that lasted about the amount of time it takes to drink two beers. I say this because I had the idea at a bar and it was quickly squashed by the two friends I was with.

How to Deal With Burnout, Get Rich Quick Schemes, Stage Fright, and Brain Explosion

 [Some expanded answers from my regular Thursday Twitter Q&A session]


Lemuel Goltiao ‏@suburbandude: Any advice for someone who’s experiencing burnout?


I have to confess something. I am feeling a little bit of burnout. I’ve been doing this blog for a little more than two years. I probably write, on average, 3000 words a day seven days a week. If I am not done with my 3000 words by 9am I start to feel a little bit tense (it doesn’t happen often but it happens). I’ve published 464 posts. Five I’ve had to delete for various reasons after I published them. So 459 posts are published averaging about 2000 words each. 136 posts are in my Drafts folder because I didn’t think they were good enough to publish.

How To Diversify Your Life

One time I wanted to sell my company to HBO. The CFO was looking at the numbers. They were willing to buy it for a tiny amount but it was an amount that would’ve taken me about one billion years to save because that’s just the way I roll. I figured I would quit after a decent amount of time and spend a year doing nothing but writing a novel.

They said no.

All I had been thinking about for months was whether or not they would buy the company. And it took only one or two decision makers to say no. To ruin my life, I thought then.