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  • My New Year’s Resolution for 2013
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    Perhaps the best thing that happened to me in 2012 was I said NO to being run over by a tank in Santiago, Chile. “You won’t get hurt,” said Mattias, “trust me, there’s enough space underneath the tank.” The invitation was at the request of the President of Chile, who earlier that year had put out a press release saying his net worth had increased by $200 million since he had become President. This is capitalism at work and he had invited me down to become an eyewitness to it.

  • What It Feels Like to Be Rich (Comic Version)
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  • I Want Less for Christmas
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    The worst ever was when I gave her two balls for Christmas. How would I know? I was in third grade. It was one of those things where you pick a random person in your class and you have to exchange gifts. Someone gave me an awesome gift. A globe of the moon, completely detailed with all the craters, moon landings, and so on. Complete with the Oceanus Procellarum, the Mare Marginis, and all of your other favorite Moon hot spots. Everyone wanted to trade with me.

  • How To Create Your Own World From Scratch
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    “So we have this girl on the trapeze,” he was telling me, “and she’s beautiful. Every guy in the audience is falling in love with her. Beautiful face, great chest,  long flowing dress, and she’s doing these amazing acrobatic tricks on the trapeze while smiling at the audience.”

    We’re sitting in the Paramount Hotel while he’s telling me this. He just gave me a tour underground the hotel where three floors deep are being excavated to fit his exact vision.

  • 10 More Rules of Writing
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    Etgar Keret’s house is only 4 feet wide but that’s all he needs. He’s also one of my favorite short story writers. I just finished his collection, Suddenly a Knock at  the Door. I can’t tell if he’s insane, a magic realist, someone who is constantly beaten by life and bad relationships, or simply a great writer. Probably all of the above. I found on the blog, rookiemag, his 10 rules of Writing. For me, #9 is the most important in terms of the psychology of writing. Not only for writing  but for everything you endeavor to do in life. #4 is probably the most valuable tip for actual writing. And for starting a business. Always think from the middle and work outwards.