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The Only Good Idea is an Unoriginal Idea

Imagine you and your friends are sitting around a table when suddenly one of your friends looks up and says, “one of you will betray me!”  This has never happened to me. But it did supposedly happen according to three separate accounts to a bunch of Jews sitting around a table in the first century AD.

Jews are so dramatic!

We don’t know the historical accuracy. Those accounts could be true. They could also be a novel. There’s also discrepancies in each of the accounts. Authors can’t help themselves. They add their own flourishes to such emotionally intense encounters. Someone is going to die. Blah blah blah. Someone else is going to be the betrayer.

Unschool Yourself!

I want to put on Google Glasses, stare at the sun until I go blind, and have a Google Hangout with all my friends at the same time while the sun burns my vision away. Everyone will see what I will be seeing (or not seeing. Because of going blind) because of the Google Glasses.

I feel like that would make me a master of the universe.

A mega-champion of everything.

My teachers from grade school would be proud. They might rename the school after me.

Dear James in 2050


Dear James in 2050,

I kind of hope you are not alive in 2050 but I’m going to write to you anyway. If you read this I hope you have already done what I am going to suggest here.

I hope you forgive yourself for not always being there when your kids were growing up. You were working hard (I know, not an excuse, but still) and you weren’t always happy and didn’t know how to deal with it. And your kids are so far turning out great. I hope.

Nobody Told Him He Couldn’t Do It

I haven’t left the house in three days and now I smell. And I have coffee stains on my shirt. And I’m working on my splotchy beard.

Claudia and I have been watching back episodes of “Girls” on TV because she decided for the heck of it to work on a spec script for the show even though we know nobody to send it to but I promised her I could figure it out.

Well…maybe I can figure it out. I don’t know.

In the Legion of Super Bloggers I sort of feel that’s like my one skill. I can figure out how to get in touch with people.

Should You Learn Poker And Make a Lot of Money

2008 Main Event WSOP Final Table players dubbed the 'November Nine'

(My friend, Ylon, after he won $3 million at the World Series of Poker in 2008)


A friend of mine lost his job at [put in super high-powered internet company]. He had already been “warned” and whatever else they do when a bureaucracy wants to slowly fire you. They tied him up to a chair and poured whip cream on him and let a rabid dog lick it off. That sort of thing.

He had to turn in his “badge” and they changed his passwords. I felt bad for him but we both knew he was miserable at the job.