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  • How To Be a Superhero
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    I lied to him to get a job. The hedge fund manager asked me how much money I had in the bank.

    I had ZERO but I said, “a million dollars”. This was in 2002.

    In the prior two years I had lost all the money I ever made and my home. Now I was broke.

    He said, “how can you afford to live on that?”

    Which strikes me as ludicrous now but I felt every blood cell in me turn upside down in shame then.

  • Two Stories About Google We Can All Learn From
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    Story #1: 

    One time Barry Diller was visiting Sergey Brin and Larry Page. The topic of the meeting was to see how the greatest media mogul could work with the greatest Internet moguls.

    It was like two galaxies colliding to create something beautiful when seen from light years away.

    Larry Page was texting or doing something on his phone.

    Barry Diller was disgusted: “Either choose me or the phone”.

    Larry Page, without even lifting his head from his phone, said to the biggest media mogul in history, “I choose this”. Referring to his phone.

  • How to be Rich – THE PUSH
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    Rob told me JB was dead. JB was my best friend growing up. We sat next to each other on the bus. After school we’d play ping pong or pinball or monopoly or ride bikes.

    Every single day we did this for eight years. Then we drifted apart.

    Rob said, The last time I spoke to him he sounded like a ghost.

    It was like there was nothing there, Rob said.

    I hadn’t seen JB in 20 years.

    He dropped out of college, Rob said, and never really had a job. His parents gave him money to live. He didn’t want to do anything.

  • Why Do People Hate Their Jobs?
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    I limped out of the meeting and said, “excuse me”, and took the elevator down 67 stories, went to Grand Central, limped home, and never went back to work at that job.

    I never returned the constant phone calls and emails over the next month. “James, where did you go?”

    For all I know my name is still on my office door and my name is still on their website. I’ve never checked.

    I just didn’t feel like going back or talking to them ever again.

  • Why Hard-Core Pornography is Bad for your Health, and other facts about Testosterone
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    (2 of John’s physical training students)

    “If you’re constantly watching five naked girls having sex with dildos it actually could lower your lifespan.”

    “Excuse me, what?” I said.

    I was talking to John Romaniello (“Roman”). We were randomly sitting next to each other at a dinner Tim Ferriss threw when he was launching his book, “The Four Hour Chef”. Roman had a tattoo of a semi-colon and I wanted to find out what that was all about (he was an English major) but then our conversation, as they so often do, started to drift.