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    I’m on a war against bullshit.

    Not other people’s bullshit. That war is unwinnable. Everyone lives in their own private bullshitorium and they will never leave it even to say “hello” to you.

    But my own bullshit. I can’t stand when I’m thinking or saying something and then I realize, “I just lost the battle against my own bullshit, ONCE AGAIN”.

    Here’s five quotes that help me win the battle, at least with myself.

    –“There’s always a  good reason and there’s always a real reason.” 

  • Everything is Funny All the Time
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    One time my neighbor said, “you have to come in and meet my boss. He can put up to a hundred million dollars into your fund.”

    So we went into town and met his boss. We spoke for quite a bit. I felt like I was impressing the boss. Maybe this would be a new mentor for me. I felt happy.

    He was the largest hedge fund manager in the world.

    Then the boss said, “James, I like you. If you ever want to work here, we’d hire you. But we can’t put money into your fund.”

  • It’s Ten Times Harder to Come Back
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    One day I was so scared, I couldn’t get out of bed. I felt empty because everything I had ever worked for and ever wished for had gotten me to this point: lying on a mattress with no job, no money, no friends or family.

    But I wasn’t scared about the past. I was scared because I knew that as hard as it is to get successful and then fall apart, it is ten times harder to come back from such a shattering.

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    This week I was going to announce I was running for Congress. I was taking it very seriously and for the past three months this was the week I was planning on announcing.

    I had hired people to run the campaign. I had gotten great advice. I had studied the current incumbent in my district. I had spoken to party officials in BOTH parties who were receptive. I had spoken to local reporters who were going to cover it.

    I was even going through the process of being endorsed by a major national politician. I learned a lot. What I learned convinced me I couldn’t run and still be true to my values.

  • Claudia is Worried I Will Be Killed for Posting This
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    I stopped a ten million dollar robbery last week.

    For various reasons, including Claudia is slightly worried I could get killed, I am changing all of the names. All of the other details are intact.

    A few weeks ago, a guy claiming to be related to Middle Eastern royalty, (call him “M”), had a representative (a friend of a friend of a friend) call me and ask me if I knew anyone who would lend M ten million dollars.

    (this is basically me)

    (this is basically me)

    “He has collateral,” the rep said: “$25 million in restricted shares of [well known private Internet company].“