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    A friend of mine just became the victim of serious identity theft. Someone used her social security info and other identity info to create a series of credit cards over the past seven years.

    For the past two years he had stopped paying the bills. Her credit rating fell from 780 to 530.

    The man who stole her identity was her father.

    She confronted her mother who told her, “Don’t do anything. You will get your father in trouble.”

    She spoke to her husband. He said, “It’s no big deal. It’s not like we are buying another house.”

  • The Ultimate Cheat Sheet to Starting and Running Your Own Business
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    [Note: this appeared on TechCrunch this past weekend. ]

    This is going be a bullet FAQ on starting a business. No joke. If you’re a lawyer, feel free to disagree with me, so you can charge someone your BS fees to give the same advice. If you can think of anything to add, please do so. I might be missing things. If you want to argue with me, feel free. I might be wrong on any of the items below.

    There are many types of business. Depending on your business, some of these won’t apply. All of these questions come from questions I’ve been asked.

  • Five Things You NEED to Know Before Buying a House
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    I hate buying houses. I don’t “hate” many things. But I’ve lost millions of dollars buying houses.

    The stress is unbearable when you need to sell. And you have no money when you need it.

    It’s a prison. The white picket fence is the prison bars. The bank is the guards looking in. And the need to protect your family keeps you in a solitary confinement of guilt and anxiety and stress.

    I won’t give all the reasons. Google “Altucher” and “home ownership”. I wrote about it a few times. Then someone wrote against my arguments and I responded to those. On and on.

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    “What can I do that would make you happy?” the doctor said.

    “The only thing is if, right now, you write me a check for a million dollars,” I said.

    “And you think you’ll be happy then?”

    “I KNOW I will be happy then,” I said.

    “I don’t think so,” he said. “You’ll find something new to be miserable about.”

    “No way,” I said, “that’s all I need.”

    But he was right. I always needed something else.

  • Don’t Go To Jail
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    I don’t think any of the prostitutes were above the age of 18. One girl told me she was sixteen. They were all black. The 16 year old was laughing and sort of skipping around while she was talking to me.

    They were waiting for the bus to return from Riker’s Island, the prison. This particular bus stop was like a bloody, inflected gash at the bottom of Queens. We were the fleas filling it. The last street at the end of the world.