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  • Three Stories About Hate
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    G wrote me last night:

    “Dear James,

    I find your posts disturbing and troubling, especially considering your influence and reach. You operate at close to genius level; you are one of life’s winners, a product of Cornell and CMU.

    But most,if not all, your fan’s are mediocre, and shouldn’t be deluded into thinking they can be like you. A steady pay check, at a non-demanding job,is the most they are entitled too. Stop putting foolish ideas into their head.”

    When I was getting a divorce, totally broke, lying on the floor, losing my kids, and debating suicide, it was hard to feel like a winner of life.

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    I give up. I can’t tell my kids not to go to college. I have tried all the usual statistics:

    A) student loan debt you’ll never be able to pay back.
    B ) for the first time ever, greater than 50% of the unemployed have college degrees. So that whole myth of “you can’t get a job without a degree” is over
    C) you don’t learn anything in college that you can’t learn on your own.
    D) you can get a five year head start on your peers if you give up on college.

  • How the Power of No Saved My Life
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    The first girl I dated after separating from my wife asked me what my net worth was on our first date.

    I was honest and I told her. She said, “that’s not enough.”

    I asked her what her ex was worth but she said, “why do people always ask that.”

    Her ex was well known, 20 years older than her (maybe 30), and probably worth over $100 million according to the newspaper.

    But there’s a saying (it’s a saying because one person has told it to me but I repeat it everywhere as if I had made it up): “You never know what someone is worth until they declare bankruptcy.”

  • Creating Wealth Through the Mundane
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    Two people wrote to me very upset about my last article. Everyone on the Internet has to be in agreement. OR ELSE!

    The first:

    I had written: “Peace can only come from peaceful people.”

    But AK wrote: “Really? Is that what stormed the beach at Normandy? Peaceful people? No. Hard men win wars and bring peace. Men who know how to kick ass. Peace comes from being able to crush your enemies and to hear the lamentation of their women.”

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    Martin Luther King nominated Thich Nhat Hanh for the Nobel Peace Prize in 1967 and he’s a buddhist monk and peace activist.

    And when he was standing right in front of me tonight I was blown away by what he said.

    We went to an opening for an exhibit of his calligraphy.

    He looked like a child. He smiled like a child. He talked like a little boy. It was almost funny to look at.

    Here’s some things he either said or drew that I learned from.

    How to Do What You Love.