Affiliate FAQ

What is an Affiliate Marketing Program?

The idea is simple. You sign up with us to become an official, sanctioned distributor of Choose Yourself Media products. You begin promoting them immediately. You use sales copy and other advertising materials that we’ve tested ourselves – materials that have already been proven to work (banner ads, text ads, e-mails, newsletter ads – you name it!), and you offer your members the bonuses and privileges that we offer.

You are on the same playing field as we are, with all of the same resources.

Choose Yourself Media’s affiliate program is launching online. You’ll be able to place space ads, dedicated emails or whatever. There are so many proven ways to stimulate sales of success-oriented products. You won’t be short of opportunities.

Who are the players within Affiliate Marketing?

The User is the customer. They make online purchases, fill out your surveys, sign up for your services, etc. Sometimes referred to as visitors, traffic, members, or the target audience.

The Advertiser (Us) is the seller or merchant. They’re looking for users and traffic specific to their products/services which will result in leads or sales.

The Affiliate (You) is the publisher. They have relevant websites or traffic sources for your target audience and generate revenue by promoting advertisers’ offers (products/services) and getting a cut or flat payout for generating a conversion.

I’m ready. Give me more details about performance marketing programs!

Choose Yourself Media has created an affiliate program where we manage all aspects of the affiliate marketing program through our affiliate tracking software and provide details, along with the URL for the offer.

Our Affiliate program software will produce a tracking URL which contains several pieces of information, including an identification number for the publisher, the offer, and will redirect to the URL of the advertiser’s offer.

A conversion pixel is generated by the affiliate program’s tracking software and then placed on the confirmation page of their website. Placing the pixel on the confirmation page enables affiliates to receive credit for the sales you generate. The affiliate then publishes and places the link on their website for potential customers to click on.

When a user clicks on a link, the affiliate program’s tracking software records the click and the tracking URL tells them which publisher sent the user to the advertiser’s offer (remember, the affiliate program is also the advertiser in this scenario). The program tracks sales using browser cookies containing those same identification numbers (from above), tracking which publisher referred the user. The affiliate program pays the affiliate for each lead or sale generated on their behalf.

Now that we have the basics of affiliate programs behind us, it’s time to learn about optimizing your offers for publishers to promote.

What types of offer does Choose Yourself Media currently offer?

The Choose Yourself Media affiliate program is launching as a transaction-based program. That simply means we’re paying our affiliates commissions based on sales (products sold), not leads. We think this model is more beneficial for both the affiliate and Choose Yourself Media, as a buyer is more qualified than a lead. And that, of course, plays into the overall lifetime value of a customer.

How do we pay?

Choose Yourself Media currently pays out on a payout type called – Revenue Share Basis.

A Revenue Share Basis (RSB) offer means the affiliate program will be awarding a percentage of the sale amount to the publisher.

How do we optimize our offer for our publishers?

We constantly update and optimize our sales pages.

We remove advertising banners, distracting links or useless objects users can click on and distract from making the purchase. We minimize the use of pop-up windows (another distraction from your desired action). We make sure users know exactly what to do when they land on our checkout or sign up page.

Most importantly we provide clear and to-the-point copy that makes it easy to sign up or purchase.

And we offer a guarantee with our product/service and have a no hassle return policy.

Affiliate tracking software do you use?

We have partnered with HasOffers by TUNE, the leading performance marketing solution for creating a mobile and/or desktop ad network.

Applying to our program

Our application is very easy. To apply just visit our affiliate website at You review the many benefits of our program – including proven advertising materials, quality products, competitive commissions real-time reporting, and a helpful resource center for new affiliate marketers. Then, you simply read our Terms and Conditions, accept our terms, and fill in our online sign-up form. It’s that easy.

What’s Next?

Once you’re accepted into the program, you’ll have access to our reporting dashboard, where you can track your affiliate sales as well as access a library of all the sales copy you’ll need to help promote our products. (Remember, this sales copy has been PROVEN to work. We’re giving you our best stuff – the “controls” that have brought us sales time and time again.)

You can market our products using any method you are comfortable with – via your own e-newsletter… by placing text ads in other industry e-newsletters… by setting up banner ads on highly trafficked websites… and so on. That way, you can put your own experience to work for you.