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Six Ideas From Islam I Use To Find Success

ideas from islam

Religion is despicable. And then murders happen. I don’t believe any “science fiction” from 2000 years ago. Astrology is science fiction. A burning bush is science fiction. Prophecies from an invisible voice is science fiction. I don’t believe in any set of rules made thousands of years ago that dictate clothes to wear or punishments […] Read On…

The Best Way To Start Writing A Book

start writing a book

I get asked this every day so here is my answer as to how I do it after 18+ books. I have a problem. I asked my 15 year old daughter what she’s learning in school. She told me that in math she’s learning about how to find the “volume of a cone”. I’m thinking […] Read On…

Ep. 226: Jon Morrow – Do You Have A Gun To Your Head?

jon morrow

I was talking to Jon Morrow, who has been paralyzed from the neck down since birth. In the past few years he has created several multi-million dollar businesses. The system was set up so that he couldn’t make money. If he made money, he would be cut off from Medicaid and his $120,000 in medical […] Read On…