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And Then I Made My First Million (Only To Lose It Later)

first million

There’s a lot of disgustingly bad books and articles about habits for millionaires. AWFUL. I won’t say the titles. I have a lot of respect for the authors even though they have written useless books. It’s hard to write a book. It takes a year out of your life while you do something totally unnatural […] Read On…

The 5 Biggest Assumptions I’ve Made About Business

business assumptions

After starting about 20 businesses and being invested in about 30 more at this moment, I’ve probably seen most of what you can see. I’ve been on the boards of billion revenue companies and tiny startups. I’ve written about hundreds of companies. And you know what: I’m sick of it. I am sick and tired […] Read On…

10 Things I Do To Guarantee Failure For Myself and Others

guarantee failure

A) DATE SOMEONE WHO IS DATING SOMEONE ELSE They are not trustworthy, which means I become untrustworthy. They won’t be able to end it with the other person as easily as they say they will. What goes around comes around. B) SPEND TIME WITH TOXIC PEOPLE Toxic people are contagious. Their thoughts get inside one […] Read On…