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Ep. 223: Scott Steindorff – Addicted to Life

scott steindorff

The cocaine made his throat close. “I was about to die”. He wanted to be an actor. He wanted to be creative. He had dreams. And working real-estate for his father wasn’t one of them. “I didn’t want to come down,” he said. “Why’d you do it?” “I really wasn’t happy with myself,” he said. […] Read On…

Ep. 219: Jessica Banks – Dare of The Day

Jessica banks

  She said, I am an introvert but had to develop tricks to fake being an extrovert because of where I worked. I said, Do you think everyone in LA is an extrovert? She said, I don’t know. Maybe they are all faking. We were at a party. I had been sleeping but a friend […] Read On…

Ep. 218: Debbie Millman – Identity and Impact

Debbie millman

Ben (of Ben & Jerry’s) was in the room. He needed a logo. Debbie Millman just started her agency. She was competing against the best ad agencies in New York City. She lost. So she moved on to Burger King. “Why do you think you lost?” “We didn’t have insurance,” Debbie said. “We didn’t have […] Read On…