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Ep. 214: Cass Sunstein – The World According to Star Wars

cats sunstein

I want to be a Jedi Knight. The idea of surrendering to some “force” greater than oneself. The idea of being in touch with some essence that can bring out my full potential in way that I could never possibly understand. When Cass Sunstein, genius economist (author of “Nudge“, 40 other books, does Nobel-prize level […] Read On…

Ep. 213: AJ Jacobs – Podcasting, Then and NOW

aj jacobs

My first podcast is 24 minutes long. It’s just me. No guest. The topic: “Why College Is a Waste of Time.” Then I did one about my book “Choose Yourself.” One week later, I got 30 minutes with Robert Greene. Then an hour with Tucker Max, an hour with Gary Vaynerchuk, and an hour with […] Read On…