• Why Do I Expose Myself So Much?
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      I wrote one very embarrassing story a few years ago and it got popular and I got a lot of pageviews, a lot of […]

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    In 2002 I was driving to a hedge fund manager’s house to hopefully raise money from him. I was two hours late. This was pre-GPS […]

  • The Ultimate Cheat Sheet For Selling Anything
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    I’ve never read a book on sales. They seemed corny. Like many people, I always looked down on the concept of “selling.” It seemed like […]

  • Why 2014 Is The Year You Change
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  • Are You Playing or Are You Dead?
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      Go ahead, ask a kid what he likes to do. He says, “I like to play”. What do you do when you’re not playing? […]

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      Sometimes I feel like I’m engulfed in red flames. I don’t want to be afraid or anxious any more. There are two banks to the […]

  • Be Nice to Strangers
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    “Did the mailman have red hair?” said the man in front of me on line, implying that my  ex-wife had sex with a mailman and […]

  • The Cure for the Emotional Flu
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      It’s hard to live. To digest. To get a job. To find someone to love. To find someone who loves you back. People make […]

  • How To Hug
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    I didn’t have my first kiss until I was 18. I didn’t even have my first hug until I was 18. My parents never hugged […]