• What I Learned from my First Podcast Guest in 1980 and What I Learned from My Last Podcast Guest (Yesterday)
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    I had a tape recorder and I was trying to tape a phone conversation with US Senator Bill Bradley by having one phone off the hook in another room and having an old-fashioned tape recorder right next to it.

    I faked being sick that day. (“I threw up in my throat but swallowed it back down”) so my parents let me stay home. It was 1980 and I was 12 years old.

    Then I psycho-called Bill Bradley, the US Senator from New Jersey, formerly an NBA Hall of Fame basketball player, and much later a candidate for President.

    “He’s in a meeting,” the secretary always said. I said I was calling to interview him for a newspaper and that I would call back. So I called all day but they never put me through.

    Then around 2pm, Bill Bradley called. The first thing he said was, “Aren’t you supposed to be in school?”

    And I told him they had given us the day off. So I started the interview off by lying to Bill Bradley. Then we spoke for a half hour or so.

    I don’t really remember it although I’m sure one of my questions was the brilliant and insightful “Do you like being a senator?” My interview style still hasn’t changed much.

    I did a lot of interviews that year. I called people all day long every day. I’m grateful to all the people who took the time to call a 12 year old with a tape recorder.

  • The Ultimate Guide to Making a Personal Manifesto
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    rembrandt moses

    Sometimes things are just simply horrible. There’s no question – some days and moments are the worst. People say “be positive”. That means nothing. Positive got you here.

    But you only get to know yourself when you see how you act in those moments.

    This is not a fancy post. Nothing funny really. No stories of going broke or being scared or smashing coconuts or making fun of my kids. No stories of dying drunk in the streets and coming back.

    A manifesto has nothing to do with money. Money is a byproduct.

    It’s not about success. Who knows what that means?

    I highly recommend writing down your own manifesto.

    Something to fall back on in the worst moments.

    Something to strive for. And, in between falling and striving, a simple way to live your best life right now.

    Living by your personal manifesto lets you touch people. Let’s you celebrate living. Turns you into someone worth touching.

  • What I Learned About Life After Interviewing 80 Highly Successful People
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    “You interrupt too much,” people email me. “Let your guests finish talking.” But I can’t help it. I get curious. I want to know! Now!

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    I was out of ideas when I googled “how to kill myself”.

    I was sure that three things were going to happen: I’d go broke (and then my 3 year old would starve to death), nobody would kiss me ever again, and I would die because of course self worth = net worth (duh!).

    I started coming up with 10 ideas a day and I’ve written about this several times before: it saved my life, my career, my friendships, made me better friendships, partners, opportunities, a wife, better relationships with my kids, and oooga-booga (lots of kisses).