• What I Learned About Life After Interviewing 80 Highly Successful People
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    “You interrupt too much,” people email me. “Let your guests finish talking.” But I can’t help it. I get curious. I want to know! Now!

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    I was out of ideas when I googled “how to kill myself”.

    I was sure that three things were going to happen: I’d go broke (and then my 3 year old would starve to death), nobody would kiss me ever again, and I would die because of course self worth = net worth (duh!).

    I started coming up with 10 ideas a day and I’ve written about this several times before: it saved my life, my career, my friendships, made me better friendships, partners, opportunities, a wife, better relationships with my kids, and oooga-booga (lots of kisses).

  • Who Is In Your Scene?
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    (Jasper Johns’s “Flag”. A product of his scene)

    Claudia asked me, “What took you the longest in your life to understand?”

    I don’t know if I understand anything in my life. I don’t say this with self-modesty. Every day I learn something where I say to myself, “why didn’t I learn that before?”

    But I know the answer to Claudia’s question: it took me the longest to understand that our ability to survive, to be calm, to even be happy, to possibly be successful, stems entirely from the quality of the people you surround yourself with.

  • 10 Things I Learned While Interviewing Tony Robbins About His New Book “Money”
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    [Here is the link to the podcast: http://bit.ly/1t8RJ80]

    When we got to Tony Robbins’ house we were specifically prevented from photographing his  sneakers. I took out the camera but his assistant shook her head. “No”. Which made me feverish to take the picture even more but I didn’t.

    Everyone takes their shoes off. And all the other shoes were like normal human shoes. Then there were his sneakers.