• The Worst Interview EVER. What I Learned From It.
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    I gave the worst interview of my life yesterday. I’m humiliated and feeling awkward and embarrassed.

    But since I like to learn from my mistakes, Aaron and I listened to the interview and recorded a blow by blow during the interview of everything I did wrong. So you can listen to me interview Biz plus my analysis of what I was doing wrong.

    It went up on itunes, stitcher (Android), and libsyn last Friday so people can listen. Here’s the link on itunes.

    People will listen and think, “Ewww, that was just awkward.” Or even worse, “Did James just say something racist?”

  • What’s It Like to Lose $100,000,000 at Facebook
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    Noah Kagan was fired as one of the first employees of Facebook and he left probably $100,000,000 behind if he had stayed. Then he was fired early on as an employee of Mint.com, which later got bought by Intuit.

    SO I decided to call him.

    I rarely leave my house so sometimes my only interactions are when I call strangers.

    “It did feel horrible,” he told me, “But I was arrogant. I deserved to be fired.”

  • “The James Altucher Show” READING LIST (and why)
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    I’m really proud of my podcast. Every guest has “chosen himself” in some way and then figured out how to spread the message of how he or her did it.

    So far only one guest has hung up on me. I’ll save him for the next post.

    I’m going to describe more at a later point how I pick and then prepare for each guest. I always try to ask questions they’ve never been asked before.

  • How To Go Out At The Top
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    Jerry Seinfeld was asked by Howard Stern, “why didn’t you continue the series?” After all, Seinfeld was being offered $100,000,000 by NBC if he agreed to just one more season.

    For Seinfeld everything boiled down to timing. He didn’t have any special gimmicks in his act. So timing and writing was everything.

    In an interview with the LA Times he once said, “A laugh is not just a laugh. It has different breadth, different pitch, different amplitude, and you learn to interpret what those things mean.”