• 10 Things You Need to Know To Become a Great Leader
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    They fired me. They fired me as CEO. Then they fired me as a board member. Then they took away my shares. And now none of them ever talk to me.

    I started the company, I had the initial idea, I raised $30 million for it from A+ investors (i.e. “rich people”),

    I bought two companies for it, I hired the first 50 employees, and then I was shown the door.

  • OK. One Quote from Robin Williams
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    I hate the concept of “news jacking” which is what I’m about to do here.

    We all grew up on Robin Williams so this is very sad. I know he did a ton of movies, etc but the real thing that stands out for someone my age is Mork & Mindy.

    All my friends knew how great that show was. We’d all quote it on the school bus the next day. None of us knew or even understood the insane amount of talent that went into that show.

  • The Worst Interview EVER. What I Learned From It.
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    I gave the worst interview of my life yesterday. I’m humiliated and feeling awkward and embarrassed.

    But since I like to learn from my mistakes, Aaron and I listened to the interview and recorded a blow by blow during the interview of everything I did wrong. So you can listen to me interview Biz plus my analysis of what I was doing wrong.

    It went up on itunes, stitcher (Android), and libsyn last Friday so people can listen. Here’s the link on itunes.

    People will listen and think, “Ewww, that was just awkward.” Or even worse, “Did James just say something racist?”

  • What’s It Like to Lose $100,000,000 at Facebook
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    Noah Kagan was fired as one of the first employees of Facebook and he left probably $100,000,000 behind if he had stayed. Then he was fired early on as an employee of Mint.com, which later got bought by Intuit.

    SO I decided to call him.

    I rarely leave my house so sometimes my only interactions are when I call strangers.

    “It did feel horrible,” he told me, “But I was arrogant. I deserved to be fired.”